Welcome to Mintu Investment Group

History of Mintu Investment Group

What was once a family-owned candy manufacturing micro-business, founded by Lemma Wakene and Aynalem Ayele has now become a huge plastic shoe manufacturing enterprise today under the name Ayni In­dustries Plc. Since its establishment in 2003, the company has sold more than 8 million pairs of plastic shoes and is recognized as a low-price plastic shoes manufacturer.

The company has grown to diversify the business in different sectors. In 2008, came Wakene Food Complex that produces quality wheat flour that has grown to become a household brand in Addis Ababa, Nekemte and in Gambela.

In 2012, Mintu Plast Plc was established with a capital of 13 million ETB, aimed to produce PVC compound to supply raw materials to our sister company Ayni Industries and to produce better and fair priced PVC compounds for shoe and sole, PVC pipe and profiles, Garden hose suppliers.

In 2015, Mintu Plast Plc started manufacturing PET preforms and caps for mineral water, edible oil and other liquid product manufacturers.

In line with progress, the investment group raised a capital of 40,000,000 ETB to venture into the real estate business primarily fo­cused on constructing apartment complexes under the name Menoria Real Estate Plc to offer affordable housing for middle income clients.

Group Culture

Mintu Investment Group has a longstanding cooperative businesslike personality that reflects their profound drive for success. A customer-oriented team building company culture
exemplifies the group.



Our human resource management ensure that we recruit, train and retain the best candidates the country has the offer. Each candidate is screened and interviewed for the appropriate positions, most of which requires qualifications or certain years of experience. We also
consider personality profiling that will assist us in placing each candidate in respect to their
individualities, passion and aspirations



We believe that through hard work and dedication we are able to deliver on our promise to clients. In our chosen business sectors, we strive to utilize modern approaches and technology coupled with a capable human resource to bolster productivity to enhance the lives of
all stakeholders.


Corporate Governance

Enshrined in our core values, Mintu Investment Group uphold good business ethics that transcends all neutrality. Our corporate governance framework takes into account rules and practices by which our board of directors ensures accountability, fairness, and transparency in our relationship with all stakeholders.