Lemel Food Complex Plc

Welcome to Lemel Food Complex Plc

Lemel Food Complex Plc is one of the competative Food Complex companies in the country which offers many types of Instant Noodles  and creates jobs for many workers. The company manufactures Instant Noodles with Vegetable flavor, chicken Flavor of different ingerident  solution that is supplying its products to many companies.

What makes us different?

  • Lemel Food Complex  Plc is  committed to producing  a safe and wholesome ingerdient   meet or exceed customer requirements and adhere to all applicable regulations.
  • We supply our products at affordable prices.
  • We have a professional and experienced team
  • We to reduce packaging costs using preform library based on light-weighting opportunities.
  • We use Quality raw materials and produce high-quality preforms and packages using European hi-tech robotic machinery

Our Products