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About Us

Mintu Plast Plastic raw materials production Plc is the leading producer of plastic materials that are used for any purpose. The factory was established in 2012 by an Ethiopian entrepreneur Mr. Mentesnot Lemma.

Our company starts its production to supply raw materials to our sister company, (Ayni Industries Plc) that produces quality PVC shoes. By using the relentless effort of our colleges and management team into plast plc expanded its production line by manufacturing high-quality PET preforms and caps for bottling and beverage companies and achieved remarkable growth of 30% market share for PET preform and caps.

At present, there are many industries in the country that produce many plastic products, but it is difficult to find a single manufacturer with quality, beauty, and strength. To solve this problem, our company regularly manufactures beverage bottles and caps of different sizes and shapes for more than 20 bottled water companies using state-of-the-art production equipment and advanced technology.

With a customer-oriented focus, we came to provide the best value in PET preform by leveraging our capabilities to consistently produce a reliable, quality product. As a manufacturer, we have control over product quality and supply by reducing our reliance on outside suppliers for key material components. This leads to decreased waste, increased quality control, reliable on-time deliveries and value for money.

Most of our product seekers have been importing the same product and spending a lot of losses and unnecessary expenses, and we have been able to save time and money by using our products;

In addition, we are exporting our products to earn foreign exchange.

Our Vision

To be the leading manufacturer and designer of a wide variety of quality PET preforms in Ethiopia and East Africa while continue to eliminate imports into Ethiopia. To be the leading manufacturer of quality PVC compounds in Ethiopia and East Africa and to gain the highest market share.

Our Mission

To produce international standard PET preforms and caps for bottling and beverage companies in Ethiopia while eliminating imports and to acquire the leading market share. To remain a reliable manufacturer of wide range of quality PVC compounds for shoes and sole, Electric and power cable insulation and profiles and garden hose applications.


• Transparency
• Dependable
• Accountability
• Fairness
• Adaptability
• Resourceful